Patrick Devaney

Financial Planner
+1 914-214-8875

Frances and I are co-owners of an investment advisory and financial planning practice based in Yorktown Heights, New York. We collaborate with our clients to help them pursue their personal financial goals and dreams. We focus on developing individualized, personal financial plans and guiding our clients to implement strategies to obtain their objectives. For over two decades, we have ushered our clients through various market environments and assisted them with managing their investments to navigate changing market conditions. In addition to helping our clients manage their finances, we also aim to educate them so they can understand the opportunities and challenges that the financial markets can present. We help clients maintain their perspectives in varied market and economic environments.

Our relationships with our clients are personal and many are well over 20 years old. As Frances and I have lived, worked, and been active in the community for almost 25 years, most of our relationships have morphed into more than the typical client - financial advisor relationship. Many of our clients are friends and we look forward to running into them around town. It is these deep relationships that allow us to get to know our clients, their lifestyles, values, and goals which enables us to generate financial plans that are uniquely theirs. With Frances and me there is not a “one size fits all” and we pride ourselves on the personal attention that our clients receive. It is this level of service that has prompted clients to name me a Best of Westchester financial advisor. Not only am I a current recipient of the award for 2022, but I have also won the award more than ten times over my career. 

Together, Frances and I have over 45 years of experience within the financial services industry. Frances started her career at Merrill Lynch and worked there for over 15 years before we made the decision in 2009 to work together at Ameriprise Financial. I began my career with Citi Smith Barney in 1998 and Frances and I have been with LPL Financial since November 2020.

Frances and I are in close contact with our clients through regular meetings and conversations. Many of these are formal reviews, while others are simple quick calls to make sure our clients are comfortable with their portfolio given what is occurring in the markets or in their lives. As your financial advisor, I believe that prudent wealth management is a means to help clients achieve their financial and personal milestones and we are committed to delivering the best advice to help get them there.